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  • Open source - All of our code is publicly available on Github.
  • 100% Java - MCUpdater is written entirely in java so it should run on any machine that Minecraft will run on.
  • Human dev deam - The developers are actual human individuals who read bug reports and are often available on IRC for actual support (within reason).
  • Customizable - The server admin has full control over their own server pack. You are not beholden to any 3rd party modpack - If you have a server, you can use MCU for whatever setup you need.
    • Flexible file format - You can do a LOT of interesting things with a serverpack, and can provide pretty much any client install configuration one might need.
  • Mod/config downloading - MCUpdater can download mods and config files for your users automatically
    • Redirection service support - MCU supports most download redirection services including adfly and mediafire.
    • Download cache - MCU can use MD5 checksums to identify whether individual downloads have been updated or not and avoid re-downloading.
  • Version downgrading - MCUpdater can downgrade Minecraft versions for you to most major releases (no support for snapshots or particularly unpopular versions).
  • Multiple server instances - MCU supports any number of different serverpack sources, each with any number of server configurations. Play in 12 different places? Great!
  • Minecraft launching - MCU will launch Minecraft for you
    • Auto-login - MCU will automatically connect you to the configured server, no waiting in the Minecraft windows.
    • Console log capture - MCU will watch the Minecraft console for you, so you don't need to dig around for logfiles to see what happened when something goes wrong.
    • Memory & Java configuration - Tweak your memory settings and preferred JVM path.
    • Custom instance directory location - You can put your MCU instances wherever you want on the filesystem.
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