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  These instructions are for MCUpdater 2.0. Quite a few things have changed
  since then, and updates are forthcoming. For more help, see us on IRC.

Please note. MCUpdater tries to muck with the Minecraft jar as little as possible. Old (pre 1.36) versions of MCU would constantly overwrite everything in the .minecraft folder, but newer versions store their data in a parallel .MCUpdater directory and launch your selected instance from there.


  1. Players should download the latest stable version of MCU and save the jar somewhere safe.
    • If the server admin does not package custom MCU downloads, it is always available here.
  2. When you run the jar (often just double-clicking the file), you will be prompted to enter a serverpack URL if you are using a freshly downloaded build.
  3. Once the serverpack is defined, MCU will download all of the mod details.
  4. Click 'Update' to start patching. If all goes well, the mods and their configs will all download and install correctly.
  5. Click 'Launch Minecraft' to, start playing. The server's address should be automatically populated for you when you go to multiplayer, and will automatically connect to the server upon launch.
  6. Have fun.

Unable to find backup of...

MCU will download the latest minecraft.jar for you (after providing your Minecraft credentials - your password will not be saved) and patch it to the necessary version. If you receive this error message, it is likely that you did not provide credentials or Mojang's download servers (on Amazon's network) are down.

It did a bunch of stuff then says it failed anyway

Chances are the serverpack is messed up. The console log probably says what's going on. Usually a mod or config will have failed to download or the downloaded version may not match what the serverpack expects.


  1. Collect a list of modules to be installed, and their preferred download URL's.
    • Make a special note of which ones go in the jar, which are /coremods, and which are /mods.
    • If you also want to provide links to any optional client-only mods, you may do that as well.
  2. Collect a list of mandatory config files, and upload them somewhere.
  3. Generate md5 checksums of all of your mods and config files.
  4. Write a ServerPack.xml file that puts all of this together, and host it somewhere.
    • Note that a news url and server connection details are required in the file.
  5. Tell your players where to grab the serverpack.
  6. Profit.

For more details and ideas on how to make life easier, see the Tips page.

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